5 Steps to a Loving Relationship – Mind Map

23 04 2008

Steps to a Loving Relationship

In previous mind map topics we discussed how hectic life can get. We touched upon how the emotion of overwhelm can raise stress levels, encourage overeating and can also lead to many hours of lost and restless sleep. All of these factors coupled together no doubt create a very emotionally fatigued individual. So is it any wonder that many relationships these days are simply falling apart? It’s not so much that we don’t know how to make our partner’s feel love, or how to make a relationship work; it is more so a factor of external events getting in the way of our relationship bliss.

Relationships are complex processes. We must in essence find a common ground for everything, and must also realize and understand how to make our partner feel important, special and loved. The following 5 steps to relationship bliss presented within this mind map will hopefully guide you in the right direction towards growing and expanding your intimate relationships to levels that you might not have imagined before. Here is a break down of the topics covered within the mind map:

  • A healthy relationship has certain and specific traits that keep it together till “death do us part”. Here we will present you with a list of traits that must be constantly cultivated and encouraged to reach a deeper and more spiritual bond with your partner.
  • Next, we take a look at your personal mindset. We break down the type of individual mindset that you must cultivate in order to become an ideal partner within your relationship.
  • Thirdly, I’m sure we all know how important it is to tell our partner that we love them wholeheartedly. Here we present you with a number of unique ways to “show and tell” your partner that you love them.
  • Are you running out of romantic ideas and activities that could potentially bring you and your partner closer together? Well, here we present you with a few guidelines to spice up the romance and intimacy of your relationship.
  • Finally, we take a good look at common relationship mistakes. We identify the sabotaging forces that can lead to relationship breakdowns and tear hearts apart. Avoid these at all costs!

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