6 Strategies to a Better Nights Sleep – Mind Map

23 04 2008

Strategies for Improving Sleep

In the previous topic we discussed keys to effective stress management. Today we will take a closer look at a related topic that is closely connected with how efficiently we are able to manage our stress on a daily basis.

Most of us sleep for about 33% of our lives. However, for many people sleep isn’t such a pleasurable experience when it is restless and broken. There are however reasons that explain why you may not be sleeping as soundly as you would like, and these reasons have to do with 6 key strategies and factors that must be adhered to if you seek to experience a restful nights sleep.

The 6 key strategies for improving your sleep presented within this mind map introduce you to some simple yet effective methods for getting the most out of your time in slumber land. Let’s take a look at a break down of what is covered within this mind map:

  • First, we take a look at your sleeping environment and identify ways that it can be improved to encourage deeper and more restful sleep.
  • Next, we identify the mindset that you must bring to bed each and every night to encourage a restful nights sleep.
  • Thirdly, we take a look at some medical and natural therapies that can improve your sleeping patterns and habits.
  • Forth, we break down some simple actions you can do throughout your day, before bed, and within bed that are known to improve sleep.
  • Fifth, we take a closer look at nutritional habits that promote a better and more blissful nights sleep.
  • Finally, we identify actions and habits that you must avoid at all costs if you seek to improve your sleeping patterns.

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6 Steps to Managing Stress | Mind Map

23 04 2008

Steps to Managing Your Stress

Ever increasing expectations, more commitments and obligations, ever changing social environment, and ever overwhelming amount of information coming at us from all angles – is it any wonder that we are feeling more stressed than ever before. Yes, certainly stress is something that no doubt touches all our lives in one form or another. However, in life it is not what happens to us that really makes the most difference, it is rather what we do with what happens to us that makes our life better, or turns our life on its head.

If you are caught within a web of uncontrollable stress and anxiety, than there is hope. Within these 6 key steps to effective stress management mind map you may find the answers that you have been looking for all along, that will allow you to finally grasp control and take charge of your life once and for all. Here are the topics that are covered within this mind map:

  • How what you eat can either enhance or eliminate stress all together. We provide you with a few suggestions to get you started.
  • How to transform your mindset through simple steps that could dramatically reduce your the levels of anxiety you feel throughout your day.
  • Thirdly, we take a look at the body, and provide you with some simple strategies that can reduce and relieve stress.
  • Next, we pinpoint some key actions that can bring more peace, rest and serenity into your life, while at the same time eliminating that built up tension that we tend to collect throughout our day.
  • Fifth, we look at the social arena and how to eliminate the stress we absorb from our social interactions.
  • And finally, we identify stress inducing habits and actions that must be avoided at all costs if you seek to live a stress-free existence.

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6 Keys to Managing Your Weight | Mind Map

23 04 2008

Keys to Managing Your Weight

Managing our weight effectively is more challenging today than it ever was before. Fast food, take aways, corner convenience store, 7 Eleven, call for a pizza, frozen microwave food, and more just makes eating so effortless and easy to do. Back in the good old days, people weren’t tempted to eat as much because food wasn’t as easily accessible. Also during the good old days we didn’t have so many “sit still on your bottom and work all day” jobs as we do today.

Another factor that leads many towards gaining weight is stress. Because of ever increasing pressure within the workforce, and an ever expanding amount of information that we must effectively deal with on a daily basis – all of this leads to improper eating habits that can lead to weight management issues. However, there is a solution, and all it takes is to remember 6 simple keys that can set you on track towards immediate and lasting weight-loss.

Here is a break down of what the weight-loss mind map covers:

  • Effective weight management exercises that will get you started on the right track towards achieving your weight-loss goals.
  • Setting up an ideal weight-loss environment that includes developing a strong support network of people whom you can turn to when the going gets tough.
  • Simple nutritional guidelines that will keep you on target with your weight-loss goals.
  • Very straightforward daily actions you can take that will keep you on track and moving in the right direction.
  • We also touch upon the effective weight-loss mindset and discuss the characteristics you must adopt to strengthen your will and move you forward despite any challenges or obstacles that may befall you along this journey.
  • And finally, we look at some DON’Ts of weight-loss. These are things you must avoid at all costs, otherwise they will make achieving your weight-loss goals much more difficult.

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