About Study Matrix Art

A Study Matrix combines Mind Mapping, Concept Mapping and Flow Charting principles into map type structures that are designed to dramatically accelerate learning and enhance the development of a photographic memory.

This blog mixes the concepts of a Study Matrix with essential life management topics including life coaching principles, learning, health, business, career, academic and life success. Each topic is presented in a visual format that is available as a download from the official Study Matrix Art Blog.

This blog provides a general overview and introduction to the spotlight topic while the Study Matrix Art Blog expands the topic into finite detail.

For an overview of how the Study Matrix process works click on the image below.

Explanation of the Study Matrix Process


2 responses

1 08 2011


Please excuse me for my ” bad English “: I am French-speaking.

I am organizing a conference dedicated to the teaching. I wanted to ask you if we could use your drawing ” stress management ” and if yes, under what conditions?

Good day,

Viviane Tits.

3 08 2011
Adam Sicinski

Hi Viviane,

Yes you may use the map within a PowerPoint presentation and I’m also happy for you to use it as part of a workbook that you give out to participants as long as the map isn’t changed or modified in any way. The mind map can be purchased as part of a package of three maps from the Stress Elimination page.

Oui, vous pouvez utiliser la carte dans une présentation PowerPoint et je suis également heureux pour vous de l’utiliser comme partie d’un classeur que vous donnez aux participants aussi longtemps que la carte n’est pas changé ou modifié d’aucune façon. La carte mentale peut être acheté comme partie d’un ensemble de trois cartes à partir de l’élimination du stress .

If you have any further questions please contact me here.


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