6 Steps to Accelerate Learning | Mind Map

23 04 2008

Keys to Accelerate Learning

Learning is no doubt an ongoing and critical aspect of our lives. Whether we are still at school, university, college, moving up the corporate ladder or simply seeking to expand our knowledge and understanding of information in a faster and more proficient manner – than the 6 steps to Accelerated Learning Mind Map may set you on the right track towards getting the most out of your learning time.

This learning mind map covers some basic fundamentals that will get you started towards accelerating your learning potential. Here is a quick summary of the topics that are included:

  • Setting up and achieving your ideal learning state – from cell health, to physiology to the psychology behind effective learning.
  • We dig into the learning process and outline 5 points that will keep you on track and on target with your learning goals and objectives.
  • Next, we discuss some fundamental learning techniques you can utilize to accelerate your learning ability.
  • Fourthly, we take a look at the different learning styles and how you can incorporate them into your study time to become a more effective and efficient learner.
  • Fifth, we pinpoint critical factors of the approach one should take towards getting the most out of their learning.
  • Finally, we break down some learning challenges and how to overcome them successfully.

To read the full post and to download this Mind Map desktop wallpaper background, please visit the Study Matrix Blog.




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